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fallen. earl loses ferocity. a powerful earthquake jolts new zealand but a miracle emerges from the debris. why the secret to a longer life can be found in a bottle of spirits. bristol palin drops in for a "tonight show" visit. >> did you go to your prom? >> no. i was pregnant. >> what does her higher public profile mean for her mother. welcome to msnbc saturday. it's alex witt. it's 9:00 on the east coast, 6:00 a.m. out west. tropical storm earl continues the track north along the east coast this morning. right now the storm has started bearing down on canada. it's about 145 miles or so southwest of halifax, snow scotia after brushing parts of massachusetts overnight. the storm disrupted vacations this labor day weekend. its close skirt up the eastern seaboard was less intense than feared.
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the storm is still kicking up dangerous rip currents. we have nbc's kevin tibbles live in rock port, massachusetts. sunshine in the last hour. looks like sunshine how. you're having a good time it looks like. >> reporter: alex, earl we hardly new you. i don't think we got to meet you at all last night. it rained here a little bit, but nothing like the dire predictions that have been taking place all week with this cat 4 storm showing up here. earl turned out to be a bit of a wimp actually. it's a beautiful day in rock port. all the activities planned for the labor day weekend and were put on hold, everything is being put back on. if folks were headed out here and were a little scared of the weather forecast, my advice to you would be to hop into a car right now because it is a gorgeous day here in rock port and all along the coast of massachusetts. it's unfortunate perhaps for those folks in nova scotia, canada, because that's where earl is going to perhaps mess up
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their day today. but there has been, according to the police here, zero damage caused by this storm as it passed through here overnight where or when or while many of us slept. >> did you call your college-age son in halifax to get a weather update? >> no, i'm going to give him a shout. like we discussed earlier, he is of college age. there really is no point me calling him at this time of morning because i'm not going to get anything that makes sense out of him anyway. i did talk to actually the canadian national weather service, essentially they've been saying to people, look, before you venture out, take a look out the window at the weather. that's their idea of a warning tlup because they get all kinds of storms and they're very used to it up there. what the heck?
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they're hearty canadians up there. >> pretty good advice any way you look at it. we'll get more from you later kevin. >> see you, earl. >> see yeah. we have the latest on where tropical storm earl is headed. for that we go to meteorologist bill karins. good morning to you. >> good saturday morning to you. earl just brushed nantucket passing safely about 100 miles off the coast. that meant only winds around 40 to 50 miles per hour. very minor damage, if any, in new england. the storm is about to make its landfall. it's now coming only shore here in nova scotia. the halifax area will probably see strong winds and a little storm surge just because of the angle of the coastline. in maine we only have winds gusting to 20 to 30 miles. east maine will probably get wet for the next four or five hours and then the storm will be completely gone. you can still see what appears almost an eye, a cirque nl the middle. it's not quite an eye.
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that's definitely the center of the storm. also look at the back edge. it's going to be a sunny, beautiful day even in areas like boston where the clouds will last only another couple hours because the storm will cruise into the canadian maritimes today. the wind field -- the tropical storm force gusts are moving into canada and off and away from the islands on the kaechlt here is a look at the forecast path. this storm, when i say racing, it's going to be moving at 40 to 50 miles per hour later today. by 2:00 p.m. it should be well north of halifax. then as we go through out tonight into about 2:00 a.m. or so, it's even going to clear through the canadian maritimes. at that point it will significantly weaken to a rem nantd low. have a couple of tropical storm warnings from bar harbor to east port. one little sliver of down east maine. the legacy today and the danger is going to be at the beaches. it was such a huge storm, the ocean is still churned up, still have 15 foot waves off cape cod. seven to eight to even six foot waves from the long island
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coast, jersey shore and down around maryland. the lifeguards will probably be trying to get people out of the water or maybe wading to their knees. the wealth they are weekend looks fantastic. we're just about done with tropical storm earl. we'll be following tropical storm earl all this hour. i will have live reports from long island as well as cape cod and we'll also look at what prevented earl from coming directly ashore. the latest now on that powerful earthquake in new zealand that caused widespread damage in the country's second largest city. the quake measured 7.0 centered on the south island west of christ church. nbc's nina desantos is live with more. what can you tell us. >> good morning, alex. the latest is that a state of emergency is being declared in that city of christ church on new zealand's south island among reports of unstable buildings and rubble falling on passersby,
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especially considering there have been plenty of aftershocks since the quake hit in the early morning hours of the morning. a curfew has been imposed to prevent people from looting. that particular quake measured about 7.0 on the richter scale. i'll put this into context to you. the strongest earthquake measured in recent history was 9.5 on the scale and that was in chal lay back in the 1960s. this is a strong and damaging earthquake. we know the epicenter was located 27 miles west of the city, of the seabed about 2 1/2 miles deep. >> how about fatalities? looking at this rubble, you'd think there were some. but none? >> so far, it seems the authorities have confirmed that there have been no fatalities reported. in fact, the prime minister of the country has described this as a miracle that nobody was really hurt. two men were injured by falling glass and masonry. experts say this quake didn't prove to be fatal mainly because
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many people were thankfully asleep and in their beds when the disaster struck in the early hours of the morning. it's important toe know that new zealand is a sparsely populated country and one used to their fair share of earthquake. the country experiences no fewer than 14,000 quakes a year. only about 20 make it past 5.0 on the richter scale. the last fatal earthquake to hit new zealand was also back on the south island was back in 1961 that killed three people. >> nina, thank you for the update. right now the damaged blowout preventer of the well that cement millions of gallons of crude spewing into the gulf is slowly being brought to the surface. bp replaced that damaged preventer with a new device. no oil orr gas was seen leaking during the procedure. the process to lift the old cap to the surface could take about 24 to 36 hours. in 20 minutes or so we'll speak with charles hadlock on how this
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paves the way for the well to be killed permanently. a welcome change of pass for the u.s. stock market. wall street has closed out its first wing week in a month. the dow jones jumped 128 points yesterday continuing a sharp turn-around from last month's ugly performance. the overall unemployment rate grew to 9.6, august saw the addition of 67,000 private jobs. that number was better than expected. a message on two fronts this morning from the president. in his weekly address today, president obama worked to align himself with the average american while blasting what he called the greed and recklessness that helped bring on the economic crisis. >> millions of our neighbors have been swept up in the worst recession in our lifetimes. and long before this recession hit, the middle class had been taking hard shots. long before the recession, the values of hard work and responsibility that built this country had been given short
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shrift. >> mike, all the comments from the president come on the heels of the latest jobs report showing the economy is shaky, still treading water. >> reporter: you're absolutely right. i don't mind telling you it is one fantastic day in your nation's capitol. the president is up in camp david in maryland enjoying this day. he made it clear the balt ground leading the the midterm elections is going to be the economy, and it's not a moment too soon. as far as democrats are concerned on capitol hill who are now threatened with losing their majorities in congress because of concern about the economy, the anemic growth of the gross domestic product as well as the high unemployment rate. we saw the figures come out yesterday, ticked up 1/10% from 9.5 to 9.6%. the president appeared in the rose garden shortly thereafter
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and tried to point out the positive numbers. you see them in the middle there, 67,000 private sector jobs grown, but the economy lost a lot of government jobs including the temporary census jobs and, therefore, the unemployment rate ticked up. the president tried to highlight the positive yesterday, but the news is not good on the political front, not to mention the 14 million people who are out of jobs and looking for work. and now the president is going to do one of those hard pivots. he talked about the middle east, hosted the sensitive negotiations this week. he talked about iraq, noting the end of the u.s. combat mission there. meanwhile, democrats are getting antsy and now the president is going to hit the road. monday, goes to milwaukee. in wisconsin, a swing state, talks to the afl-cio on labor day. on wednesday, another swing state, he's in cleveland, sort of a rebuttal to the speech john boehner gave in cleveland calling for the resignation of
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president obama's economic team. on friday he's back here at the white house to have a press conference. alex, i've got to tell you, there's a lot of anxiety here. a lot of the legislation they're talking about that the president will propose next week, very slim chance if no chance at all. it's going to be passed this year, very slim, if no chance at all, if it were, it would have an effect ton economy, certainly not by the end of the year, alex. >> thank you very much mike viqueira at the white house. she made headlines when she and her husband showed up at a white house dinner uninvited. now michela salahi is crashes the pages of "playboy." tmz reports she's going to reveal all. the issue goes on sale later this month. okay. there could be change in the wind on capitol hill as in changing faces. new polling numbers show why many people in congress may end up in the unemployment line.
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where will you find bristol palin? she's showing up on tv more and more like last night's "tonight show." we'll have a willing look look at her chat are jay coming up on msnbc saturday. keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. [ both screaming ] i got into one of the most expensive schools in the country! [ male announcer ] when stress gives you heartburn with headache... alka-seltzer gives you relief fast. [ low male ] plop, plop. [ high male ] fizz, fizz.
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tropical storm earl is getting ready to cross the border today after brushing coastal communities across the eastern seaboard. the storm is lumbering norg. as it blew past long oi land. >> most of the beach is gone, definitely. you can tell. it's up to the dune here. hopefully within a day or two it will be back. mike seidel is live on long island in montauk, new york. i see you have friends behind you on the beach.
9:16 am
is it that nice a day? >> oh, is it a nice day? oh, my gosh, as my friend used to say is a 100-pound rabbit a big rabbit? it's beautiful, just gorgeous. the west wind blew in the drier air and took care of the heat wave for those of you inland that didn't have to deal with this earl madness. look what happened at the beach, alex. a lot was taken out, going down towards the surf. this fence was about feet high, the whole fence was about four feet high. the beach and waves brought a lot of sand up here. instead of having a 12-foot drop from this motel now we have a three-foot drop. winter nor'easter is almost a given, these properties are going to be more exposed to damage. they have to rebuild this every year. it's an ongoing process. look at the surf this morning. we have four to five-footers, the sun coming up. just a quintessential day from at that time fear. temperature is 73. west wind at 15 to 20.
9:17 am
we got the word from bill wilkinson, the supervisor of these areas around here, the beaches are open, of course. you see people on the beaches. swimming is okay near the lifeguard stand. they'll probably keep you in at your knees. that's it. because the rip currents are still dangerous. they will tone down later today tomorrow. and labor day this water will be much safer for swimming. two drownings in new jersey tuesday and thursday because of danielle and now earl. four for the past week up and down the east coast. they don't want that scene reported. many communities up and down the coast from carolina, delaware, new jersey, are meeting this morning, making the call on hoye far swimmers can go in to be on the safe side. alex? >> it certainly does look beautiful. enjoy. we'll come back and see you again. thank you, mike seidel. >> sure. if any of you have pictures orr video from earl, you can shoot us an e-mail or upload it directly at
9:18 am threw the bums out. that sums up a new gallup poll when it comes to how voters feel about members of congress. a staggering 75% says things would be better if most of congress was replaced with new faces. 14% say things would get worse in that situation. let's bring in susan page from "usa today." good morning. nice to see you. >> good morning, alex. >> i know you wrote about the latest numbers. when there's so much voter anger, the party in power usually feels the worst of it. what do you think democrats are facing right now? >> democrats are looking -- about to head over the side of the cliff in eight weeks when we have the midterm elections. 78% of americans say the country is headed in the wrong direction. that's among the worst numbers we've seen in the history of the gallup poll. 82% of americans say they feel like we're in a recession even though economists say we're in a fragile recovery. that's a climate dangerous for a
9:19 am
party that controls the white house, the house and the senate. >> this number that 75% think things would be better if most those in congress would be replaced. by a two to one margin republicans would rather vote for a newcomer over a current gop of congress. what do you think is driving that number? how much of that has tea party philosophy fueling it? >> one of the things, we tried to look at how this compared with the last big changes elections in 2006 and in 1994 when the republicans an democrats lost control of congress when control switched in those two elections. one of the things we see that's different this time is people are not enamored with the opposition party. the attitudes toward the republican party are no stronger or better than in 2006 when they lost control. what's happened is there's a real an tip think toward the party in power. we see with the people, about a third of americans say they are tea party supporters. they tend to be republicans,
9:20 am
tend to vote republican. they are among those most unhappy with the republican party because of what they saw, too much spending, too much big government during the bush years. >> let's take a look at how the president factors into the equation. a recent gallup poll showing it's compared with other midterm cycles. 1994 president clinton was at 39% approval when the gop swept into power. 2006, president bush came in at 42% approval and the democrats took control there. so if you look at president obama's numbers at 46%, is there anything you think the president can do between now and november? >> well, from these jobless numbers that were disappointing yesterday showing joblessness continuing to be pretty high, 9.6%, there's not much time left to turn around the economy. the other big problem for democrats and the president is there's not much time to turn around attitudes towards the big health care overhaul. it continues to be negative. 39% of americans in our survey approve of that piece of
9:21 am
legislation. so eight weeks, things can happen. we could have news developments. but the hand that the democrats have been dealt right now looks pretty tough. >> okay. susan page, good to talk to you. thanks so much. thank you, alex. in a moment bristol palin on "the tonight show." plus the fate of yet another american idol judge. will cara stay or will she go? you're watching msnbc saturday. [ male announcer ] how about we open up a whole can of getting it done?
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9:25 am
waving the the crowd. as you mentioned, she has gone hollywood. >> please welcome bristol palin. >> reporter: friday night bristol palin's latest stop, ""the tonight show"." >> were you disappointed it didn't work out with levi. >> i'm not disappointed, not heartbroken. >> no? >> reporter: good to see a smile after the run she's had. after giving birth to tripp, bristol and the baby's father levi johnston split up. but then announced the engagement was back up. >> it's been a fast process. i want to get married soon so we can live together and be together all the time. i hope we can all come together as a family. >> reporter: just weeks later, bristol said levi johnston came clean, admitting he may have fathered a baby with another woman. then bristol found out he shot a music video mocking the palin
9:26 am
family. so she dumped him again. >> have you started rehearsing yet? >> yes. we've had three days of rehearsals. >> is it way harder than you thought, about the same? >> i expected it to be hard work. i'm so unquortd nated and don't have any rhythm. so we're starting from scratch. >> alaska's most famous daughter. bristol palin. >> reporter: now bristol is on a tv blitz competing on abc's "dancing with the stars" next season. >> so bristol, i have to ask you what does your mom think about you being on the show? >> she's excited for me. she knows this is going to be hard work. >> will we be seeing her in the ballroom? >> hopefully. >> reporter: all this while her mother remains in the spotlight with questions swirling about a possible run for president in 2012. >> the publicity about bristol palin, the baby, on-again, off-again relationship with levi
9:27 am
johnston, it has her looking like gossip fodder as opposed to serious contender. >> reporter: the question now is what does this mean for sarah palin? you heard chris from "the washington post," is sarah palin running that risk of becoming that gossip celebrity versus a serious politician if she is considering a run for president. >> that is the big question. can i just say i think bristol palin is charming. >> i think she is. she's doing the best she can. she's been in a tough situation. she was in love with a guy, trying to make it work. that's how it strikes me. it didn't. she had a problem with it. now she's trying to move on from it. >> i think she should have dumped the guy a long time ago. that's just me. just so you know, all you fans of "american idol," kara dioguardi says she's not returning. she's ending her two-year stint. she says now is the best time to
9:28 am
leave. no word on who will replace her. there's still lots of talk about j.lo becoming an "idol" judge. howard stern says he's leaving seer yugs but not the radio business. apple's i tune stores sold more than 11.7 billion songs. apple says it's already sold 6.5 billion apps. google has put company logos on business transaction. this is advertising to help their bottom line. study out of germany shows older people really like to read negative stories of younger folks. researchers say bad news boosts the self-esteem of the elderly. ♪ [ male announcer ] we touch a lot of things
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it's msnbc saturday. i'm alex witt. here are your fast five headlines. what was once hurricane earl is a tropical storm headed for nova scotia. earl failed to pack the punch that was feared. new zealand's prime minister says it's an absolute miracle that no one was killed in yesterday's powerful earthquake. the 7.0 magnitude quake caused extensive damage. in new zealand nine people are dead after a light plane crashed after taking off near a tourist spot. the plane was carrying sky drivers. in china 17 people are dead. president obama is planning to announce new steps to create jobs. let's go back to tropical storm earl. it has left a few hundred people without power this morning in
9:33 am
massachusetts. the storm downed a handful of power lines and flooded a few low lying areas of cape cod after passing through the area overnight. here is the good news. earl's brush with the northeast was weaker than expected. right now earl is currently about 145 miles southwest of halifax, nova scotia. nbc's michelle franzen is live in chatham, massachusetts, where things have been gorgeous. and they continue clearly. good morning, michelle. >> this day is just getting better and better, not only with the clear skies, sunny weather and also for people who are waking up to a little damage this morning here on the cape as well as nantucket. in the end, earl's spin no worse than a classic nor'easter. earl proving even as a category 1 hurricane he had enough punch left to pound the coast of nantucket. the island received the brunt of the storm with earl carving its
9:34 am
path east of nantucket, not far away on cape cod. heavy rain and whipping winds left their mark. but even the power of earl was no match for this bride and groom. >> celebrating the acknowledgment of love which they have for each other. >> reporter: they married at the chatham bar's inn, determined not to let a hurricane spoil their day. >> always be memorable. plenty of challenges, but nothing stopping us. >> or their happily ever after. >> i hope not. we had a while wind romance, but maybe a hurricane just throws some excitement to it. there is a strange excitement with the hurricane. >> reporter: hurricane earl barreled toward the u.s. as a category 4 but lost steam as it made landfall on the outer banks of north carolina. the weather channel's jim cantore was in hard-hit cape hatteras. >> as you can see, we're taking it on the skin.
9:35 am
this water continues to push up with the strong northerly winds. >> reporter: earl made a turn, setting its sights on the east coast, creating dangerous rip currents up and down the coast. but in the end, earl will go down as a near miss for much of the coast. and those who were once bracing pour the worst can now look ahead to enjoying the rest of this holiday weekend. here in chatham alone main street many of the businesses that boarded up will be looking forward to also getting that last holiday weekend rush back in for sales. alex? >> all right. i think it's too pretty to be inside stores right now. it looks gorgeous where you are and very windy. thank you very much, michelle franzen. here with me now, nbc meteorologist bill karins. it had a chance to do damage on the east coast. what happened here? >> the forecast path was excellent. i give it probably a b plus or a
9:36 am
minus from the hurricane center. they never had it making landfall in the united states. the reason we didn't see the damage that may have been expected is because it actually got much weaker in a hurry on friday than was supposed to happen. it was a category 4. it was supposed to be a category 4 or strong 3 off the outer banks of north carolina. it was a lower end category 2. the intensity forecasting of tropical storms and hurricanes has much to be desired. you remember max mayfield in the 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons. when he retired, his message was we need to get better at predicting the intensity of these storms. we've gotten good at telling you where they're going to go, but not at telling you when they'll weaken or strengthen. with that said, we're now watching earl making landfall in canada. the effects up in nova scotia will be worse than anywhere in the u.s. there's a little scientific disagreement. the hurricane center in miami is saying this is a tropical storm storm making landfall.
9:37 am
environment canada, their own weather service, they're their own country with their own weather forecasters, they're saying it's a hurricane still. as far as canada is concerned, hurricane earl is making landfall. we're calling it a tropical storm. we get our forecast guidance from miami. if you want to say hurricane earl is making landfall, you're correct, or tropical storm. the damage up there will be a a lot worse than anywhere on the east coast. our friends to the north, they're still being affected to the north. >> good they're getting everybody ready in halifax. thank you so much, bill karins. we'll continue to watch the latest impact of tropical storm or hurricane earl, depending where you are. we'll bring you live reports at the top of the hour. meantime in the gulf of mexico bp has now removed the failed blowout preventer that was supposed to stop the big oil disaster from ever happening. charlsz hadlock is joining me from gibson, louisiana with more on this. with a good morning to you. let's talk about the operation of bringing that up from the depths of the gulf coast there,
9:38 am
charles. it's slow going. >> reporter: yes, it is. bp and the coast guard are taking advantage of the nice calm weather we're having along the gulf of mexico to bring up the failed blowout preventer. they're doing it ever so slowly. they disconnected the apparatus. it will take a few more hours to do so. this thing is huge. it's five stories tall, weighs a million pounds. they're bringing it up through 5,000 feet of water. they're trying to do it without damaging or dropping it. the blowout preventer is supposed to stop any type of explosion that happened on april 20th. it failed. they don't know why. they're going to try to take it apart piece by piece to try to figure out exactly what went wrong with the blee blowout preventer on april 20th. >> charles hadlock, thank you for the update. meantime, it had all the appearances of a disaster. a small plane in portland, oregon, stalling and crashing
9:39 am
nose first into that house. can you believe these pictures? incredibly the 70-year-old pilot survived and was able to walk away on his own. there was also a woman inside the house. remarkably, she, too, escaped without any serious injury. the colorado family involved in the bizarre balloon boy hoax last year has moved to florida. officials in bradenton says richard heene any has checked in with law enforcement as a registered felon. last year he and his wife pled guilty. he served 30 days in jail. his wife served 20. former british prime minister tony blair is revealing a new memoir this week. in "a journey: my political life," he dishes on his ten years as prime minister and behind-the-scenes with leaders of the u.s. the book is already a best-seller on both sides of the atlantic, not a hit with everybody. in island today anti-war protesters threw shoes and eggs
9:40 am
at blair and chanted he had blood on his hands. michael elliot, is deputy managing editor of "time" magazine. you can find an essay in this week's issue of "time" magazine. i'm a little surprised at the reception he got in ireland. good to say he wasn't hit by anything. >> he's a controversial figure in europe, also in britain and ireland. for all the political achievements of tony blair which i think are many, there is a significant population in ireland that only sees him through the prism of the iraq war. the iraq war is very unpopular in europe. >> i'm curious about his opinion on president obama. they have met and here is what he says of the president. this is a man with steel in every part of his. in his own way every bit as tough as george, meaning george bush. the president is dealing with
9:41 am
prime minister david cameron, not tony blair. your sense that the u.s.-u.k. relationship and tony blair's take on president obama. >> i think blair genuinely admires obama. i think he thinks he has a mental toughness he finds quite admirable. i spoke on the phone to blair a few day ago and he made a point of saying to me how much he admired obama's decision to start doing middle east peace talks early in his administration rather than later. blair gave his time to work things through. what he doesn't talk about in his passages in obama is what he does talk about on clinton, and that is this wonderful political touch that he constantly refers to when he's talking about clinton. and that's not evident when he's talking about obama. his admiration of obama is the sense that he is intellectually
9:42 am
tough, that he knows what he wants to do and i think all of that blair finds quite interesting. >> do you think were he still the prime minister of the uk, he would get along well with president obama? >> oh, sure. absolutely. i think the depth and the frequency of the contact between the political leaders in the u.s. and the u.k. continues virtually -- it virtually doesn't matter what political tradition it is two leaders come from. they talk to each other, they have a lot in common and almost always they find ways to get along. i'm not sure blair would have found a way to get along with obama. >> he got along famously with bill clinton. there's clear chemistry. surprisingly for many that observed the relationships across the pond here, he got along well with george bush and they're diametrically opposed types. >> came from very, very
9:43 am
different personal backgrounds and positions. yet they found something that enabled them to bond with each other. i think what blair really admired about bush was his calmness under fire. he talks about this over and over and over again in the book, the sense that bush was very, very rooted, he knew what he wanted to do and that kind of gave him a serenity and calm which blair at one point says i only got right at the very end of my time in office which made him completely comfortable with the decisions he had to make. there's a marvelous passage in the book where blair is with bush in the white house on september 20th, 2001 right before he goes to the huge speak to congress. blair turns to bush and says, are you nervous? and he says, not really. i've written a speech. it says what i wanted to say. i think blair found that quite extraordinary. and also praise-worthy.
9:44 am
there's a terrific passage when he say it is most stupid thing that anyone ever said is that george bush is stupid. and he goes on to say you can't be dumb to be president and all the way -- >> he talks about president bush as a man of conviction. he talks about president clinton as a man who absolutely got politics. >> there are two aspects of his admiration for clinton. one, just like obama, he thinks clinton has this worked out idea of what you go into politics for, a sort of intellectual mindset that helps guide your decisions as political leader. the other thing that clinton has that he talks about all the time is this common touch, this ability to smooz with people and make them feel good which, of course, he was a master at. >> he was an absolute master of that. we'll have you come back michael
9:45 am
and talk about the israeli and palestinian peace process under way. >> sure. it is advice that might be the key to a long life. news that will boost the spirits of distillers around the world. we'll share it with you on msnbc saturday. [ female announcer ] experience dual action power with listerine® whitening plus restoring rinse. it's the only listerine® that gets teeth two shades whiter. and makes tooth enamel two times stronger. get dual action listerine® whitening® rinse. building whiter, stronger teeth. get dual action listerine® whitening® rinse. thais...peggy. whatng usa pris problem, please? peggy? sure...well...suddenly it looks like i'm being charged a $35 annual fee. yes? tell me it's a mistake. yes? are you saying yes or are you asking yes? yes? peggy? peggy? anncr: want better customer service? switch to discover. ranked #1 in customer loyalty.
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a new study suggests regular consumption of alcohol can help you live longer. people over 55 who put away one to three drinks a day live longer than nondrinkers. this doctor is a cardiologist and medical director at nyu's heart program. what is your take on this study. you've done a lot of work particularly related to the heart. >> i'm not surprised because we've known about this association between moderate intake of alcohol and heart health.
9:49 am
the real problem is for people to remember what moderate means. for women, it's up to one glass of wine, one 12-ounce can of beer or one shot of hard alcohol. and in many it's twice that amount. >> i did not know -- >> the dose of alcohol is different in men and women. >> women metabolize alcohol slower. >> what i was surprised about was that hard alcohol angle of things. i was under the assumption that hard alcohol does damage to your liver and it's harder for the body to process. >> too much hard alcohol does do that like too much wine or too much beer. alcohol in general has been associated with increasing levels of the good or hdl cholesterol. the problem is when you drink more than moderate alcohol and heavy alcohol you get liver disease, heart disease, esophageal cancer and not to mention weight gain. you really do develop a beer belly. >> let's say you do go by these
9:50 am
rules and you moderately drink alcohol. to what extent can you expect an increa in your life span? >> it's interesting from the saa 40% increase in your longevity. but you have to be really careful. somebody who doesn't drink because she's allergic to alcohol, i don't consider myself an unhealthy person. i exercise, i eat right, and don't smoke. it's really important to notice that in the study the standards seem to not live as long as people who drank moderately were pretty sick. they had heart disease, liver disease, they were recovering alcoholics. so they were a much sicker group. the strength of the statistics is low, it's a little weak there because the people were sicker to begin with. >> also, we've always been told abstinence is the best policy. just don't get going there. it certainly is younger people. maybe this 55 to 65 age-group, though, in this study -- >> you have to be careful about
9:51 am
the 55 to 60 age-group because in of those people are on medications. you have to also be concerned about drinking too much and being on medications. because many medications are metabolized in the liver. if you drink too much, you overwork your liver. and that doesn't mean you can stop your medicine. >> no, don't do that. nyu's women's heart program, thank you for your time. it's a side of sarah palin she would like to hide. it's an article on her an accurate portrayal? ourselves for the ones we love with a flu shot from walgreens. ♪ [ coughs ] [ female announcer ] with the most pharmacists certified to immunize... [ sneezes ] ...and walk-ins welcome everyday, we're making it easy for everyone to get their flu shot, no matter how small their motivation may be. ♪ so stop by and get your flu shot today at walgreens. there's a way to stay well. so stop by and get your flu shot today at walgreens. vegetables have important vitamins and minerals
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9:54 am
sarah palin is reacting strangly to new vanity fair profile of her in this month's issue. palin is painted as a foul mouthed, two-faced woman with a mean streak. she was quick to call the article yellow journalism. the author of "sarah from alaska" with whom we spoke about this book. good morning. what did you take on this
9:55 am
article? >> well, you know, as a journalist, it's hard to criticize other journalists. and somebody who reports on sarah palin a lot, it's not my job to defend her. but this article does seem to be riddled with inaccuracies. i think it's thinly sourced. you see that she's described as someone who goes around screaming at staffers. we spoke to almost 200 people for our book. we never heard that. >> really? >> never, not once. >> so how does this tore trail differ from your portrayal? >> i think ours is just more reported. and, you know, i have -- it's hard to criticize other journalists. but i think that he relied on only a few sources with axes so grind. you're always going to find that that there are going to be people that -- and our book has both sides of sarah palin. it does -- it does, i think, show more rounded person. and she is such a polarizing
9:56 am
figure. people who love her can't see anything wrong with her. people that hate her, you know, just want to criticize her. but she's more than that. >> but you think that's really -- could be what is behind this? she is so polarizing that can be just a perception. you take that and run with it? >> i think that is definitely one reason. i think that because throughout her career, sarah palin has had advisors or staffers. and then really thrown them away. and that might be what's behind this. so there are some people that just have axes to grind. really, when we were reporting on sarah from alaska, we found that. but when you speak to so many people, you can realize who's telling the truth and who's not. >> we have to average things out. did you hear anybody say she was foul mouthed and screamed and she was two sided as is alleged in vanity fair? >> the screaming, i mean just absolutely not. even this week since the vanity fair article came out, i've been calling the old sources. and just to kind of check on things.
9:57 am
hey, did we miss something? and someone i spoke to yesterday made a really good point. he said i was with her 90% of the time. i never saw her scream once. and there are things that you can -- reporting on sarah palin that you can find. fwhaut is just not one of them. and it makes it difficult for journalists like myself that cover her so often. it makes access harder. it makes their -- when they say -- when she calls the immediate lame stream media, this is why we don't talk to the media. now they have an example. it makes it harder for us. >> all right. i know you'll still bring us that information, "sarah from alaska." thank you. there's an extraordinary story making headlines around the globe about how a mother brought her newborn baby back to life by simply holding her. a mom's miraculous touch ahead on msnbc saturday. peggy? sure...well...suddenly it looks like i'm being charged a $35 annual fee. yes? tell me it's a mistake. yes?
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